Mom's Story

Stacey's Story

The support and education that we are receiving from LPCC has allowed us to grow into confident parents.  I first heard about LPCC through a friend.  When we first attended classes there our daughter, Shelby was 2 months old.  We were having trouble finding the right formula for her and she was suffering from colic.  We were overwhelmed.  Besides the problems with the formula and colic we were dealing with the normal insecurities of first time parents and the added insecurity of my blindness and not being sure how I was going to take care of her by myself while my husband was at work. 

When we went into LPCC we were met with love, compassion and understanding.  From the very beginning we have felt comfortable to share our concerns and questions with the people there.  The education we have received from the classes has given us the knowledge and techniques to handle the colic, It has also enabled us to comfort Shelby through teething, ways to help her get a more restful night sleep and the little extra things I can do to compensate for my blindness as she starts to crawl and walk so we can be sure she is safe.

LPCC was there for us as we prepared for the arrival of our second daughter.  We learned how to be parents of two instead of one and how to make the transition easier on Shelby. After having Molly the center helped us welcome her with a basket full of diapers, clothes, bottles, toys, and blankets. When Molly was born Shelby was excited.  Right away she wanted her to get down and play.  When Molly cries Shelby will get this concerned look on her face and run to her. I believe this transition was easier because of LPCC.  Now with Shelby 17 months old and Molly 2 months old we are learning how to discipline with love.  The classes at the center are teaching us how to set boundaries that Shelby can understand, and allows her to grow and learn.  They are now helping us prepare for the future by giving us the skills to handle the disagreements that all sisters have.  The information we are getting from the classes will help us as the girls go from babies, to being active toddlers to starting school and then into their teenage years to being independent responsible adults. Writing this testimonial has given me a chance to look back on the last year and a half. I realize now how much Isaiah and I have grown and changed.  When we first met the wonderful women at LPCC we were scared to death.  We weren’t sure if we could handle the task of raising this little miracle that God had given us.  The thought of how do we teach her the skills to make it in life seemed to be too much, now with two little angels in our lives, we are excited to see them discover the world around them.  Shelby recently has really started understanding what you are saying to her she can now find her cup or a certain toy and the look on her face when she brings it to you, she is so proud of herself. Molly is beginning to smile and make faces. Seeing Shelby make a face at Molly and Molly make one back at her is priceless. Every day is a new adventure to them and we feel lucky to be along for the ride.  We are truly grateful for everything LPCC has done for us.  We believe that LPCC is a wonderful blessing to us and this community.

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