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Let there be light

Whether it be a recent Supreme Court decision or simply the news we see each evening, it is easy for us to look at our society with concern.

In our work at Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center, we see first-hand what can happen when a society releases its embrace on core values. Sadly, the results can be tragic.

But what should our response be? To curse the darkness when it appears to envelop our culture?

I think of the Apostles Paul and Silas, who, while imprisoned decided to press on with their mission, which was to advance the Kingdom of God in any way they could. If it meant praying, they prayed. If this meant singing, they sang.

Amazingly, an earthquake rescued them and brought about salvation for a jailer and his family.

Our mission? To reach those who see their situations as hopeless, offering them grace, love and hope so they can make positive, life-affirming decisions. To rescue moms, dads, and of course, their children, from the ramifications of abortion. And, our mission is to renew our community with a new culture, a culture of life.

In the face of a society that can appear increasingly callous, we offer comfort, redemption, healing and tenderness.

No, we’re not here to curse the darkness. There are plenty who can do that. We choose instead to bring the light which only comes from the love of God.

So each morning, we come into Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center with an expressed purpose: We will be light, just like Paul and Silas. And from the stories we see in the lives of those who come in our door, we know that light beats darkness, any day of the week.

Thank you to so many of you who support Lifeline. Together, we are a great team, a team of light to a world who needs us now more than ever.

Lori Amato
Executive Director



We are the home of choice. Really.

The word “choice” is often tossed around by those in the abortion movement. They’ve found that while most people are uncomfortable with the thought of ending a pregnancy, using the word “choice” as a euphemism is more helpful to their cause.

But where can one truly find choice? At abortion centers, the only product offered is . . . Abortion. No one has options at an abortion center; one can either terminate a pregnancy or walk back out the door.

Yet at LPCC, anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy is given a wide range of choices to consider. In truth there are five options in every pregnancy: Adoption, Marriage, Single Parenting, Co- Parenting and yes, abortion.

Ours is the only organization where a person can find support for four of the five choices one might consider; and is the only place where full disclosure is provided for the fifth option, abortion.

After all, when one is selling a product like abortion, many facts must be left unsaid, or the buyer may walk away.

So again, let’s ask, “Where can someone facing an unplanned pregnancy find choice?”

When we consider this question we quickly realize that an industry that sells one product is falsely advertising to its target audience. Polticians, media outlets and more have seized on this word and . . . Propagated an absolute myth.

Choice? The fact is, we are choice, and always have been.

And yet there is more. With the many choices we support at LPCC we offer something extremely powerful in any life: Hope. Hope takes place when a decision made is positive for all involved, including the child waiting to be born. In addition, hope grows when the decision is in the center of the will of God.

This is our goal: To offer true choice, and true hope. We do this every day at LPCC, regardless of what we hear from those who focus only on one option.

Here, there are no myths. Here, there are no sales techniques. But here, there is hope.  And yes, there is life. And there always will be.

Lori Amato
Executive Director



Doing something about it...

We all recognize that our culture has many challenges; one of course, being that our culture of life has deteriorated. Lives are being lost, those who oppose life are seemingly louder than ever and sometimes we wonder, “Are we too far gone?”

For an answer, I look to the Old Testament character who is perhaps most revered in our New Testament: David. Even with his flaws, he was a man after God’s own heart. One reason for this perhaps, is that even as a young man, he chose to act on God’s behalf.

The Israelites were terribly afraid of the Philistines; case in point, Goliath. They murmured, they worried, and they talked among themselves about this giant of a man who challenged them day after day. But not one stepped forward to take action. Until David.

When David heard Goliath challenging the Israelite army, he saw it as a challenge to Almighty God. So instead of fretting, David decided that even if not one other person was going to do something about Goliath, he would.

David stepped forward and though King Saul told him that challenging Goliath was foolish, David trusted in God. And on that day, he slew a giant.

Today, many see those in politically high places who challenge life as Goliaths. They see the Planned Parenthoods of this world (the world’s largest abortion provider) as Goliaths. They see today’s media outlets that consistently trumpet the so-called “choice” message as Goliaths.

Perhaps these are all Goliaths; I don’t know. But I do know that God is looking for those who choose to be Davids and decide to do something about the Goliaths of this world. God wants those who care enough to act.

One way to take action is through LPCC. By providing hope, by providing the love of God and by through providing practical life-giving alternatives, we slay Goliaths every day.

Is your David role to give financially? Is it to join our volunteer staff in some capacity? Is there another role for you? Contact me at Let me know what you are thinking. Let’s continue to join together. And in the process, let’s slay some giants.

Lori Amato
Founder/Executive Director

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